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Time Is Money

Time has value; learn what you can do to make the most of yours.

Time is money. You’ve probably heard this phrase before. It might not be easy to understand while you’re young. When you get your first job, it will make more sense, seeing exactly how much someone thinks your time is worth.

But understanding the value of time isn’t something you need to wait to learn until you get your first paycheck. Things like cleaning your room or playing video games have a value attached to them. If your parents won’t let you play video games until your room is cleaned, then the clock starts ticking.

How the numbers worktime

In the example above, you have a set number of hours in a day from when you wake up to when it is bedtime. On a school day, you have to subtract those hours, plus time for homework, any sports or other activities, and dinner, since you can’t clean your room or play video games during those times.

So, if your bedtime is 9pm and you finish dinner at 6:30pm, that gives you two and a half hours to clean up your room and play video games.

You can put off cleaning, but you’re just wasting your time. The faster you clean, the more time you have to play. If you don’t do a good job, you’ll have to stop playing and finish your room. But if you do a good job, then you’ve maximized your time for fun (that means you have more time for fun).

If video games are your payment, the longer you get to play is the value of your time. If you clean quickly and efficiently, you’ll be “paid” more. If you avoid it or take a long time, you’re paid less.

Learn the tools!

Learning to read all sorts of clocks can be very important to learning to understand time. An analog clock takes some time to learn. But they are all over the place—from the face of Big Ben in London to, probably, the clock in your classroom.

Calendars might seem pretty straightforward, but with phones and computers being the main source of our calendars these days, knowing how to set reminders is important.

A digital clock can be easy to use; it shows the numbers. Using the alarm on one to wake up in the morning is also important. Snoozing your alarm isn’t a great idea; it can actually make you more tired.

Time is important

Time is always coming and going. Managing your time is going to be a part of your life’ you can’t avoid it. From this day until there are no humans left, time is going to be important. Getting to class on time, being on time to work, making it to a doctor appointment, and even scheduling a date—all these require good time management.

Your boss will one day ask you how long it will take you to complete a task, or you’ll have to tell someone when you’ll be someplace when leaving your house. Use time to your advantage, don’t waste it.

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